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Having Trouble Getting the Kids to Help With Chores? Try These Fun Ideas

By: Krystle Crossman

Getting your children to do chores around the house can be a chore itself. They will often fight, argue, or simply refuse to do anything. A great way to get around this is to make a chore chart of some kind. Being able to visualize the chores and then instantly see when they have completed a task often helps children get instant gratification which is a good motivator. Here are a few ideas for some simple chore charts that are fun to use and will help things get done around the house.

1. For the younger children you can use chore cards. These cards will say something simple on them such as “make the bed” or “brush your teeth”. Every time your child completes something on the cards they get to flip it over. They will see how much progress they have made and will be able to see how little is left to do. These are great if your child has trouble getting into a daily routine as well.

2. You can make a traditional chore chart with the names of everyone in the house listed. Make spots for each day of the week following each name and write in the chores that each person has to do each day. You can do this with a dry erase board and then erase the chore once it has been done. Some kids make like to use this as a competition with their siblings to see who can get their chores done first.

3. Take clips and hang them on the wall with a piece of paper that describes the chore to be done and what that chore entails. Underneath the paper place a dollar or two. Money is the ultimate motivational tool because it is instant gratification for doing a good job. With the money hanging right in sight it will be much easier to get the kids to do their chores. Make sure that you pay fairly for each job but don’t overdo it.

4. Write the different chores that need to be done on ping pong balls. When it is time to do some cleaning have the kids shake up a container with the ping pong balls and then pick which chore they will be doing.

5. Chore bingo is always a fun one. Make a bingo chart and then make pieces with chores on them. Make different colors for each child. Every time that they do a chore they get to take the corresponding piece and place it in the appropriate spot on the board. When someone hits bingo they can win a prize.

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