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Dr. Ben Carson Opposes Common Core, Supports Home-school: “home-schoolers do the best”

By: Krystle Crossman

Even though Dr. Benjamin Carson, accomplished neurosurgeon, was never home-schooled himself he is a strong advocate for it. He believes that parents and students should have a choice when it comes to their education instead of being forced to learn Common Core standards. This is not a choice, it is a requirement that he believes is setting children up to fail. Education is a necessity but shouldn’t it be an education where the kids truly get something out of it and get to learn about what they want instead of what they are forced to be tested on?

Dr. Carson spoke at a conservative conference that was held in Maryland recently where he expressed his views on the matter. He said that children shouldn’t have to fall victim to not having a choice when it comes to their education which is one of the most important foundations of their lives. Dr. Carson stated that one of the biggest benefits that Americans could have would be the choice that would allow parents to either home-school their children or allow them to be enrolled in a private school with government aid. He ranks the quality of education with home-schooling being at the top followed by private schools, charter schools, and then ranking at the bottom, public schools.

Dr. Carson has been a prominent figurehead over the last few years as he gears up for a possible presidential run. He has been very outspoken about his feelings on the benefits of home-schooling and education as well as other very important issues such as fair tax issues and poor government practices. One of the practices that he cites most often is the central government being involved so heavily with education. He says that he believes that we should have standards for education but it should be standards that are set by parents and teachers as opposed to a central government. Common Core has teachers worried because the requirements do not allow much time for outside-the-box thinking or extra education. They have to focus on educating the children on what they will be tested on with the state mandated tests. If students don’t do well on these tests it sets the teachers and the schools back.

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One thought on “Dr. Ben Carson Opposes Common Core, Supports Home-school: “home-schoolers do the best”

  1. Phillip Bass

    I live in Baltimore. There are two public high schools (City & Poly) where the minority population is about 80%. At both schools the dropout rate is under 5%. And at both schools 97% of the students meet the standard of admission to the state universites. In fact at both schools, all of the players on the basketball teams met the NCAA requirements for admission.
    The college graduation rate is about 75% after five years of matriculation.
    Both schools use common core as a guidepost for education.
    If he would have only looked north from his office window here in Baltimore, he would have seen one of the schools.


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