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Mother Outraged After Texas School Claims Her Son’s Hair Could Be “Gang-Related”, and That’s Not the Worst Part

By: Krystle Crossman

Coronado Middle School in Plainview, Texas is in hot water after an administrator decided that a student’s haircut could be interpreted as “gang-related” and thought that coloring on his head with marker was the appropriate solution. The student, Kobi, came home and showed his mother. She is now demanding a letter of apology from the school but they aren’t budging.

Kobi has had a unique haircut for around five months now. The sides of his head is shaved down to a buzz cut, it is a little longer on top, and there is a line that is shaved completely down the scalp that is made to look like a part in the hair. It is a growing trend and Kobi loved it. The assistant principal however stated that the haircut was a distraction and could be mistaken as a gang-related haircut. They took a black marker and colored in the shaved line without asking his mother or even talking to her about it first. She was outraged but the school did not seem to think that this was a big deal.

During a school board meeting for the Plainview Independent School District the Executive Director of Administrative Services referenced their student handbook. He did not mention Kobi’s specific incident due to confidentiality reasons but stated that the handbook clearly said that there were not allowed to be any shapes, letters, or numbers shaved into a student’s hair. He claimed that this line that Kobi had shaved into his head fell into that category and so Kobi was breaking the dress code. This still does not give the administrator and the teachers the right to color on a child’s head. His mother said that he wears khakis and a dress shirt to school every day and for them to make the assumption that his haircut is gang-related goes too far. She wants an apology from the school but is not getting one.

The school told Kobi’s mother that since he was breaking the dress code he could be punished for it according to their rules. They are giving him six months to grow his hair out so he does not have the shaved line in his hair anymore. The administrators told his mother that if he grows his hair out he will not have to get it colored in again.

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7 thoughts on “Mother Outraged After Texas School Claims Her Son’s Hair Could Be “Gang-Related”, and That’s Not the Worst Part

  1. Jay Cee

    These white administrators think they can do anything they want to do to somebody else’s child. If it was me, I would look into suing. Or, at least, put some color in the hair of the person who did this. Letter of apology? You gotta be kidding.

  2. Joe L.

    There are time young adults need to listen to authority, if not in school then in the prison system. the problem many times the parents are supporting in rebellion of their children to break the rules set forth by the school system, and to Jay Cee no one said if the school principal was white, where did this race card come from? schools have changed over the years I carried a switch blade knife the teachers would borrow the knife use it and return it to me no problem. to day because of the I have a right to be an individual and it is no one\s business and if you say any thing I will hurt you, has changed the system.

    • Regina

      The school had no right to put a hand on the student. What the idiots should have done is contact the parent and have that parent come in and explain the policy in person.

  3. Joseph Riley

    What’s happening here is part of the problem in the American Educational experience. The school systems & educational models are being homogenized & there is a plethera of sameness across the nation, individauality is being stamped out with the idea of free thinking & creativeness being a negative! I believe this is part of the problem we are facing in our failing placement in the world because as we stifle individual thinking the world has grabbed our original model of freethinking & individuality and embraced it while taking our place in World standing regarding Inventiveness & creativeness!
    I’m Just Saying!!!

  4. Vanessa Little

    You all can come up with all the excuses for these peoples if you like. BUT these damn peoples had NO right to take a marker and color in that child head. He could have had a reaction to that ink, then what would you all be saying? If they thought his hair cut was breaking the rules, he should have been sent to the office, parent called, and went from there. Coloring on that child was plain WRONG! I don’t give a damn what color you are, this was WRONG!

  5. A. G.

    Vanessa, I totally agree with you, had this child had a reaction to the ink, he could have died. They should have called the parents and discussed it but having a part in your hair does not place you in a gang anymore than wearing a hoodie does. Glad he was not my child for some teacher would be explaining all those whip ass marks on her/his body and that black eye! Teachers in the USA need to place more emphasis on the three R’s and less on the BS such as what one wears to school and then maybe we would rank at the top in education instead of near the bottom in the world of education!!


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