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Would You Use This Test That Could Personalize Your Child’s Medication?

By: Krystle Crossman

When you have a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD you may go through multiple medications before you finally find one that helps them with their symptoms. This can be very costly as some of the medications can be very expensive and some are new and not covered by insurance. It is a tough lessons to learn that your child doesn’t tolerate the $200 prescription that you just bought them. The company Harmonyx is developing a technology to take the guesswork out of it for only $89.

A cheek swab is all it takes to figure out what medications will work best for your child. The test is now found in over 3,500 pharmacies across the country and is available for home delivery with a prescription from your child’s doctor. It is not necessarily a new technology but testing specifically for ADHD medications is. The test can tell what medication will best fit your child’s genetic makeup with just a small amount of saliva. It is called pharmacogenetic testing. Due to the laws that deal with laboratory testing this is only available in 14 states at the moment but it may become more mainstream in the future.

The test can look at how your child’s body will metabolize the different medications that are available for ADHD and will list them all in order from most effective to least effective. This can help give the parents and their child’s doctor a clear picture of which medications will be the most effective for them. This company is not the first to offer this test but it is the one that is the least expensive and most available. Another company called AssureRx has personalized medication tests that can also find out which chronic pain and anti-depressants are the best for your body. Dr. Carol Isaacson Barash, founder of Helix Health Advisors, says that parents should use caution when it comes to these tests. They will tell you genetic markers for the medications but down the line it is not out of the realm of possibilities that these markers could be found to indicate something else more serious such as Alzheimer’s. It is a tricky situation because you may find out more than you bargained for as more medical research is done through the years.

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