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Social Traits That Your Home-School Child Should Have Before Going Out to Meet New People

By: Serena Crawford

Being social is important for home-school kids more than it is for kids in public school. They are not around other kids all day and so they need to be introduced into social settings a little bit differently. They need to be taught how to act around other children so they are able to fit in and make friends easily. Home-school blogger Penelope Trunk gives a list of the four different socialization traits that it is good for your child to know before putting them in a new social setting:

1. People general like to be around someone who they feel is competent and trustworthy. This means someone who says they will do something and immediately follows through with that action if they can. When kids are younger and they are told to do something they will do it right away. When they get older they may put it off for more important things. This may make it look like they are stalling and don’t want to or don’t know how to follow through.

2. Negotiation is an important skill for any child to have. They can’t let the other kids dictate what they do all of the time so they need to learn how to negotiate to get what they want while still making the other kid feel like they are winning the situation.

3. When someone speaks to you they expect a response so that they know that you have heard and understand them. This makes them feel like you are actually paying attention and that what they have to say is important. Teach your children to always respond to another person who is talking to them to make sure that person knows that they are being heard. Kids don’t generally want to hang out with someone who doesn’t respond in conversations or even appear to have any kind of interest.

4. Teaching your child exactly what to say in certain situations can be very helpful as well. When a conflict arises make sure that you have told your child some key phrases to diffuse the situation. This will help them to avoid an even bigger conflict.

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