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You won’t believe how the public school system is ruining black boys

Many critics in the US and around the world have expressed concern about the state of black boys in the public school system. Some even say that the public school system has become a preparation of sorts for the penitentiary. Data shows that black boys who are less educated are very likely to end up in prison, and some systems seem to work to make sure this is what happens.

Watch this Al Jazeera video below to see just how serious the problem is, and tell us what you think.

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3 thoughts on “You won’t believe how the public school system is ruining black boys

  1. A. G.

    If Black parents are not involved in the public school system, this will continue to happen. Parents need to always show their faces to the teachers, let them know you are involved in your child’s learning. There are those that only show up when their child has done something wrong or at least the teacher says he has done something wrong, show up unexpected sometimes, attend PTA, let the principal know who you are, help with his/her homework and make sure he/she has it the next day upon going to school. If he/she needs help with a subject make sure you get a tutor. You must remember your child comes before that new purse, dress, car, and anything else you think you have to have for yourself, after all, this child did not ask to come into this world.

  2. Billy Ray Valentine

    Black parents are confused on how to reverse the downward spiral of Black boys in public schools otherwise, the problem would be solved. Unless Black parents learn make Black children their # 1 life priority nothing will change.

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