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New Program Creates Gender-Segregated Classrooms

By: Krystle Crossman

Classrooms have been segregated by race before but now schools are moving towards single-gender classrooms. The program has been adopted by a few school districts in the country and they have said that they have seen success with these programs. More districts are picking up the program but there are some who are not happy about the change. They are putting one gender in each classroom to make the students feel more comfortable in their learning environment. The districts state that this makes learning easier for the children and they end up having more academic success.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg district in North Carolina has begun to integrate the single-gender classrooms into their schools. They say that the behavior of the students is much better in these classrooms. They also state that the students are participating more in class than they were before. Many parents in the district were asking if these classrooms could be an option. Those who had black sons that needed to improve their academic performance were most interested in the program. It is not mandatory and if the parents do not opt their children into the program they remain in the regular classrooms. There are some parents that feel that their children should have to learn to deal with the other gender as they are going to have to in the real world after school anyway.

The American Civil Liberties Union has spoken out against the single-gender classroom program because they feel that it is teaching the students stereotypes about genders that will not serve them well later in life. They are also worried about the transgender students who identify as one gender but are physically another gender. This is why this program is not going to become a mainstream movement any time soon. There hasn’t been any evidence so far to show that there is a difference in academic success in these classrooms but some of the students have spoken up about it. One 12-year-old girl stated that it was easier for her to participate in class and speak up because there were no boys in the room. She worries about being teased by the opposed gender. As children grow into their pre-teen and teenage years they become more aware of the opposite s*x and can often be intimidated by them which is one of the reasons that this program was started.

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2 thoughts on “New Program Creates Gender-Segregated Classrooms

  1. Greg Peniston

    best to give the choice… proven academic advance…please avoid the Detroit collapse, where improved performance by males was resented by girls’ parents, who thought there was some magic in the former’s classroom…with threat of lawsuits, the system died


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