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Things To Teach Your Middle School-Aged Child To Make Home-Schooling Easier on Both of You

By: Krystle Crossman

As your kids enter into their pre-teen and teenage years they begin to have personality changes due to their hormones. This can be frustrating when you are home-schooling as they can sometimes become defiant and refuse to do the work that you lay out for them. Some parents even give up and send them to public school because they have a hard time dealing with these changes. Home-school mother Sarah Faulkner almost did just this as her child entered the middle school age. But she kept them home and has laid out three things that your middle school-aged child should learn so that you can both remain calm and focused during these tricky years:

1. Organizational skills – They need to figure out how to mentally organize everything so that they have an easier time navigating through materials. Help them to learn how to put documents in an order that they will be able to decipher easily. Teach them how to take notes and organize them in a way that will not be confusing later on when they are referencing them. They should also learn about the way text and workbooks are organized so that they will have an easier time finding the information they need.

2. Self-control – Those mood swings can put a damper on a home-school lesson pretty quickly. Faulkner said that she told her kids if they are upset they need to go to their room to calm down. They have now learned how to control their emotions better so that they can calm down before it gets to that point. It has made life a little easier for all of them.

3. Motivation – Motivational tools are a great way to help your kids focus on finishing the task at hand. If you tell them that they are not allowed to play or watch television until they are done with their work (and it has to be done right) they are more apt to sit and focus because they want to get the work over with. Other times they need a little more motivation than that. Faulkner states that she tells her older children that if they can’t handle the responsibility of a few chores like other kids their age they don’t get the privileges that other kids their age do such as a late bedtime.

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