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How To Help Your Child Love Their Education

By: Krystle Crossman

You want your child to get the best education possible and get the most out of school. There are things that you can do to help them along whether you are home-schooling them or whether they go to public school:

1. Get creative with the space in your home. Have a fun space where they can do their homework. They will feel more comfortable there than at a table in the dining room and will be able to concentrate more. If your children go to school make a place that is for all of their school supplies that they will need for the day so they don’t forget anything when they are going out the door.

2. Make a plan with your child in regards to their homework and schoolwork. Set up a schedule with them so that they have enough time to devote to producing quality homework. As they become older they will thank you for this because homework is worth a lot more in the upper grades.

3. Always make sure that they have a good breakfast. You want to make sure that you get some protein in their morning diet somewhere. Peanut butter or eggs are great sources of protein and they are not loaded with sugar. Your child will be focused, full, and ready to learn when they get to school.

4. Be positive about learning. Make sure that they see that you enjoy learning and explain to them why education is so important. They will carry that positive attitude with them while they are at school or working at home.

5. Make sure that they get a good lunch and a snack during the day. Children tend to lack focus when they are hungry so make sure that they have nutritious snacks with them to munch on through the day.

6. Talk to your kids about what they are learning and what they like and don’t like about school. If they go to public school ask them about their friends and how they get along with their teacher. If you home-school ask them what they would like to learn about and why they don’t like learning certain things. This will show them that you are taking an interest in them and their education.

7. Don’t make them do homework right when they get home unless they want to. They have been sitting still at a desk all day in a stuffy building. Let them play a little and get some of that pent up energy out before they tackle more.

8. Establish a regular routine at night so that they are in bed at the same time. They will get more sleep and be able to be refreshed for the next day. Reading to them at night is also helpful because you not only get to bond with your child during that time but you are helping them with their language and comprehension skills. It is a nice calming activity that will help them wind down and go to sleep faster.

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