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How Your Pet Can Help With Home-schooling

By: Krystle Crossman

Most children love having pets in the home. They are great companions and are fun to play with. They can also make an exceptional focus for a study in home-schooling. Think about all of the things that your child can learn about their pets and how many different subjects can be incorporated.

1. Personal care – Your pet will need a lot of care and your child can help with this care. If you have a cat or a dog, teach them how to gently brush their fur. Keep a schedule on the wall of when it is time to feed the animals or take the dog for a walk. This will not only help them to learn about responsibility but time management as well. You can even have them to help you when building a dog house or when putting together an aquarium.

2. Finances – Pets cost money. They need food, grooming supplies, toys, treats, and vet care. List out the amount that these things cost per month and have your child help you to figure out the total amount of money needed for your pet every month. This is a great way to introduce them to math.

3. Training your pet – Children can help to train your pet to do things. If you have a dog you can have your child help you to teach it commands such as sit and stay. This will help them to learn how to take charge and also give them teaching skills. It is a good bonding experience for them as well.

4. Government – You can teach your child about local laws and the different government segments in regards to your pet. For example, some states have a leash law where a dog must be kept on a leash at all times while it is outside. You can teach them how to look up certain laws online and read with them.

5. Volunteering – Teaching your child about social responsibility is very important. Have them volunteer with you at a local animal shelter so they can help animals that are just like your pets. They will see how good it feels to help others who need it.

6. Reading – Kids love to read books that are about their pets. Let’s say you have a golden retriever. You can get books about this type of dog so that your child can relate to the book more. They will learn to love reading the books and also can learn comprehension from reading about the animal and associating it with their life.

7. Other subjects – You can throw in geography lessons about the animal by looking up where they originally come from, where they are found now, and what kind of habitat they are used to. This is more for the exotic pets such as lizards and snakes. You can also teach them about the history of the animal.

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