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You Won’t Believe What Schools in England Do With Parents Who Allow Their Kids to Play Video Games

By: Krystle Crossman

Parents in England have been put on alert by the Nantwich Education Partnership that if they allow their children to play violent video games such as Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto they will be reported to the police. Schools in England are taking a stance against the amount of violence and s*xual content that children are exposed to through these video games and state that they will report parents who allow their children to play these games for neglect. A letter was sent to every parent with children from elementary school all the way through high school. The schools state that games that are meant for 18+ should never be played by kids in school and if they are allowed to the parents are opening them up to a host of problems when they are young.

Along with the list of violent video games the schools are also being told to report parents who allow their child to have a Facebook account or use the What’s App application on smartphones. They say that all of these outlets can have negative effects on the child’s behavior and the way that they deal with anger or frustration. The schools state that the violent video games teach kids that it is okay to bully others and use violence as a way to deal with your anger. They also state that the over-s*xualization of some of these games, such as Grand Theft Auto, forces them to learn about s*xuality much earlier than they should and teaches them the wrong things.

Mary Hennessy Jones, a principal in the Nantwich Education Partnership, states that they want to help parents keep their children safe. Some parents do not agree with the schools at all. They say that the Nantwich Education Partnership is stepping out of bounds and crossing a line. Dr. Deborah Gilboa, a Pittsburgh family physician, states that while younger children should not be playing violent games such as Call of Duty the school’s actions lead to what is referred to as a “nanny state” where others step in to overrule parents about how they raise their own children. She feels that it would be much more effective to sit down with the parents and talk to them about concerns as opposed to calling the police on them.

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