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Long Island High School Student Accepted to 13 Colleges Including All 8 Ivy Leagues

By: Krystle Crossman

Harold Ekeh of Long Island, New York is an impressive young man. He worked hard through his 4 years of high school and got as much out of his education as he could. He now has a very tough decision to make. On March 31st he and his mother watched as the acceptance letters rolled in for all 13 colleges that he had applied to including all 8 Ivy League schools. On top of the Ivy Leagues he was also accepted into John’s Hopkins, NYU, MIT, SUNY Stony Brook, and Vanderbilt. He and his mother were elated with all of the acceptance letters that had come in.

All through high school Ekeh has been a model student. He has a very impressive list of extracurricular programs as well as good grades. He served as the vice president for the Model UN. He was the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper. He was always conducting science experiments and research in the school labs. He took college preparatory classes. Through all of this he kept his grades up and never got into trouble. His mother couldn’t be more proud of him.

The problem with being accepted into so many schools is that Ekeh will have to make the decision of which to attend which can be a life-changing decision. He is most interested in medicine and would like to pursue a career is neurosurgery. He stated that he didn’t really have a specific school in mind until he went to visit Yale. Ekeh said that the students and professors were so passionate about learning that it made him feel like he was right at home. He thought that Yale was a place where he could make life-long friends and also get the education that he craves. He doesn’t want to completely be in the school while he is learning though. He is looking forward to hands-on real-world experience as well as going to study abroad at some point.

He still has not made a final decision though. He will be visiting Harvard, MIT, and Princeton as well over the next few weeks. He must have his school chosen by May 1st so the pressure is on.

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2 thoughts on “Long Island High School Student Accepted to 13 Colleges Including All 8 Ivy Leagues

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  2. Corbin

    This truly is a wonderful story. However it isn’t going to end well because the day before he enters the university of his choice, he will be gunned down by a rogue cop. There will be burning, rioting, late night vigils, weeping relatives and there will be at least one suspension with pay.


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