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Open-Space Floorplans May Be Ruining Your Child’s Learning Ability

By: Krystle Crossman

Open-space concepts seem to be all the rage in real estate and classrooms these days. Many people feel that they create a more positive vibe because there is more light that flows through and you don’t have to feel closed in by walls. Home-school mother and writer Penelope Trunk states that open-space can actually be very detrimental to a child in school or at home while home-schooling.

1. Kids need to be in a place that is quiet when they are trying to do their work. If you have an open-space floorplan there are no walls to create a barrier against sounds coming from other areas of the home. The background noises can be very distracting and can pull focus from learning.

2. If your child is an introvert they may feel too vulnerable to concentrate. Someone who is introverted likes to work alone in a space that they feel is private. If they are in a room where there is nowhere to shield themselves an introvert may have a hard time concentrating on what they are doing. Introverted children suffer greatly in a public school because all classrooms are open. It costs too much money to give each student their own personal space.

3. Every now and then through the day a child needs to have a place where they can be alone, even if only for a few moments. If you take away all enclosed spaces they may not feel like they have a safe place to go to sort out their feelings and emotions for the day. At home you can have a corner where you build a fort or a tent where they can read a book quietly. They will enjoy the alone time and will be able to concentrate on what they are reading.

4. Research has shown that adults are more productive when they are allowed to control the environment that they work in, such as when they are working from home. Children are the same way. If you let them design the space that they are home-schooling in they will feel more at ease and in the end will have a more productive learning session.

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