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Breakfast Served in Classrooms: Good Idea or a Waste of Time?

By: Serena Crawford

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately there are many children that do not get the breakfast that they should when they are at home and so they rely on school for the first meal of the day. Los Angeles schools are implementing a new initiative that many parents and teachers do not like but a lot of the students do. Instead of offering breakfast at-will in the cafeteria before school they are now going to try and serve breakfast in the classrooms at the start of the day. They will have meals that go to every student whether they are on the free/reduced lunch plan or not so that every child can get the nourishment that they need to have a full day of concentration on their studies.

Since a lot of kids come to school after eating breakfast there is a lot of food that is wasted. Many kids have already eaten and so they throw the sandwiches away. Some schools have refrigerators and freezers where those who do not want the food that they are given can store it. Some of the students are happy to have breakfast in the classroom because some are embarrassed by the fact that they are on reduced lunch and don’t want to be singled out, this way they all get breakfast whether they are on the plan or not. Monica Garcia, a board member of LA Unified, states that they will need to come up with a system where students can opt out if they don’t want the breakfast. Some schools that are in higher income areas were able to opt out completely.

The biggest issue is the time that it takes to serve the food to all of the kids in the classrooms, the time for them to eat it, and then getting them settled to learn. Some teachers have taken to showing an educational video on nutrition while the students are eating so that they can learn while they are getting a healthy breakfast in. The initiative was brought about when food policy and school advocates were stating that children had to come in early to get their breakfast which resulted in low participation of the programs.

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One thought on “Breakfast Served in Classrooms: Good Idea or a Waste of Time?

  1. Lydia Howell

    I think this is a GREAT idea! When dealing with elementary school age kids HOW ABOUT HAVE THE TEACHER READ TO THEM while they eat breakfast? Reading aloud to children makes them more eager to learn to read. For older students maybe you can have the news on, & a short discussion of issues of the day could get the leraning process going.


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