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These Important Lessons Could Save Your Child’s Life

By: Isabella Carson

We do what we can to protect our children in the outside world. We make sure that they are clothed and fed. We teach them about strangers and who they should and should not talk to. But there are some very important lessons that many parents miss that could save their child’s life someday:

1. Strangers – Teach your children about “stranger danger”. Make sure that they know that they are never to get into a car or go anywhere with someone that they don’t know. Some people will say that they know the child’s parents to try to lure them in. Have a password with your child and share it with family members and friends who may need it. If someone says that they know the child’s family the child can ask them what the password is. If they don’t know, teach your child to run. Make sure they understand that police officers and fire fighters are okay to talk to but other strangers should be kept at bay.

2. Fire plan – Make sure that you have a fire plan set in your home and that your children know about it. Have a detailed plan hung up on the wall somewhere where your child will see it. If you home-school you can practice mock fire drills and teach them where to escape and where to go once they are outside. Also teach them about smoke detectors and make sure that the batteries are always working.

3. Seatbelts – Children always need to be restrained properly. When they are very young they have harness straps that keep them in. When they are older teach them how to put a seatbelt on properly and to keep it on. Many children do not like seatbelts because they feel that they are constricting but teach them that the seatbelt is there to protect them and that they need to wear it properly at all times.

4. Swimming – Teaching your child how to swim at an early age is important. You can even make that part of your fitness plan for home-schooling. Take them to lessons at your local pool. Accidents happen all the time with children and pools and if your child knows what to do in case of an emergency it could save their life.

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