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Advice That All Children Should Hear From Their Parents

By: Isabella Carson

Children get advice from their parents all the time. Most will listen to this advice and carry it with them through lift. They may perhaps pass it on to children of their own. Here is some great advice to give to your child:

1. If you make a mistake, forgive yourself. You are going to make mistakes in life, everyone does. If you don’t learn to forgive yourself for making them you will never be able to come back from it and learn from it.

2. Make sure that you treat yourself just like you would treat someone who is your best friend. You should be treating yourself with respect and kindness. If you make a mistake do what you would do with a friend. Acknowledge that there was a mistake made and then figure out a solution instead of berating yourself for it.

3. Learn to control your anger. We all make stupid mistakes when we are angry because we aren’t thinking clearly. If you can learn to recognize and channel your anger appropriately you will not have to worry about that.

4. Some are natural born leaders and some are followers. Even if you are a born leader, remember that there are times when you need to let others lead. You cannot always carry that burden yourself.

5. Sometimes it is hard to be honest but you need to do it. Other people’s feelings may be hurt by the truth but it will hurt much less than a lie. Being honest makes you a trustworthy person.

6. Feel your anger but don’t take it out on others. If you are having a bad day because you failed a test or got in a fight with a friend, do not take that anger out on someone else. Deal with the anger in a healthy way.

7. Before you make any kind of decision, think about what your actions will be. Think about the consequences that could come from a hasty decision. If the consequences are more than you want to deal with think about another reaction before you do something that you regret.

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