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What Parents Are Doing That Is Causing Their Kids to Grow Up Helpless

By: Isabella Carson

Helicopter parenting is a very real problem. Kids these days are growing up without learning how to be self-sufficient. Kids in college call their parents and tell them about their bad grades so that the parent will call the professor to negotiate the grade. Some kids have mental breakdowns when they are very young because they aren’t extremely rich or don’t have a fantastic job as soon as they are out on their own. The generation Y kids are becoming more and more helpless as they go through life. Growing Leaders, a non-profit group that aims to help kids become more self-sufficient and realistic, says that kids who were born between 1984 and 1992 are seeing the worst of it and they want to help.

Founder of Growing Leaders, Tom Elmore, states that this generation requires instant gratification and they have goals in mind that are so big that nothing is good enough until they hit that goal. It has been reported by coaches and teachers that Generation Y kids have very short attention spans and want everything in the blink of an eye. Employers report that there have been job interviews where the candidates think that they will be CEOs in under a year. With the addition of technology in the mix kids are becoming more reliant on technology and not as reliant on their minds.

So what exactly is the cause of this state of helplessness?
– Parents don’t let their kids be kids anymore. It is almost like a rite of passage when you are young to fall at the playground and hurt yourself. These days though you see kids on the playground with their parents standing right next to them. They hold on to their child with every piece of playground equipment that they go on telling them to be careful and not letting them do things that they may think is too dangerous even though it really isn’t.

– Parents give in and give kids everything that they want. They don’t teach them to work for anything anymore and so they grow to think that everything in life is going to be handed to them when they say they want it.

– Parents tell kids that they are special for no reason at all. While this may seem like a nice gesture it is actually harmful to the child as they will not have any big goals or work for their big dreams because they feel that they are already special enough to have stuff handed to them.

Elmore states that Growing Leaders is trying to show kids how to go through life the way they should. They show them that mistakes are made all the time and that is okay. They show them how to go through a job interview and expect to start small. They show them how to dress to impress. They teach them that even the small victories on the way to a bigger goal are still victories.

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