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Mother Called Police on 10 Year Old Son For Disrespecting His Teacher. Was it the Right Thing To Do?

By: Isabella Carson

Every parent has their own way of dealing with their child when they misbehave. Some will punish them by grounding them. Others ignore the bad behavior. Then there are some like Columbus, Georgia mother Chiquita Hill who will take it to the extreme to try and scare their child. Hill said that her son has been acting up in class and when his teacher came to the house to talk about a particularly bad day she had enough. The teacher had told her that Sean was being extremely disrespectful to her in the classroom and it hadn’t been the first time. Hill decided that since her son didn’t seem to understand the seriousness of his attitude issues she was going to bring in the professionals. Hill called the police that day.

The officers showed up to her house and she explained the situation to them. Hill said that they were great and helped her son to understand the gravity of the situation. They even put him in handcuffs, placed him “under arrest”, put him in the back of the police car and let him sit for a few minutes. They then told his younger sister why he was in trouble so that she would understand how disrespect can come with serious consequences. The officers got into the car, turned the lights and sirens on, and then moved the car forward a little. After this they let Sean go back into the house after explaining to him that the path that he was heading down was not a good one and that he needed to be respectful of others. Hill states that ever since she called the police on her son he has been polite and has had a complete change in his behavior in class and at home.

There are some that argue that this is not an appropriate way to deal with a child’s bad behavior. They will see that the “arrest” was fake and think that it was all a joke and not take it seriously. Sean did but many others may not. Psychotherapist Amy Morin states that this is a very short-term solution to a bigger problem. It can also make the parents look bad because it looks like they cannot handle their own children. It sends a message to the kids that their parents don’t know how to handle them without assistance. Morin says instead of something drastic like this do something that will really impact them such as taking away everything electronic for a week or two or making them do community service. This will teach them responsibility as well as humility.

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8 thoughts on “Mother Called Police on 10 Year Old Son For Disrespecting His Teacher. Was it the Right Thing To Do?

  1. Corin Goodwin

    Perhaps parents should first make the effort to understand WHY the child is behaving the way they are. Most child behavior has underlying issues that need to be addressed – the behaviors are a call for help, a way to communicate when they don’t have the words or the maturity to express themselves.

    In some cases, the problem may be the result of a different way of thinking that goes unidentified. Check out the Gifted Cubed brochure: Even if these aren’t the issues, it’s a useful approach to considering misbehavior.

  2. Kwabena Lumumba

    Got damn kid is probably traumatized for life. With all the media around rabid policing, think the kids hasn’t heard something and processed that police are dangerous and she does this? Where is her local DFCS, go get her now.

  3. Kiesha Joseph

    I will always believe that calling the police should be a last resort, especially in black households. Stereotypically speaking, the odds are high that he’d be in the back of a police car someday soon anyway.

    However, what’s a single mom to do when her BOY (soon to be a man) is so disrespectful that all she sees in his future is bars? At some point, talking is no longer an option.

    So, as we judge her for what she did “wrong”, make sure to include VALUABLE tips… not that psycho babble that typically does NOT work on young black men.

  4. Rhodes2success

    Really.. If that woman thinks that will help her child to realize that how he acts is not proper.. so be it. So you would rather she but little Timmy on TIME OUT? GTFOH!! Sometime a kid needs a good ass whupin.. not a abuse whupin. A young male child without a male figure to guide him or lack of a strong family system will gravitate towards the WHITE MEDIA propaganda version of what he should be. She is trying to STOP that. I think she should get flowers and a slow clap for her actions.

  5. Rhodes2success

    You need to go get your \good book\ and fall down on your knees and hope that your children if you have any don’t start off like this. Its so easy to talk about DFCS when its not your kids. She has to do what she has to do to save her son. I would respect your message better if you gave a solution rather that you calling for her arrest. YOU PEOPLE!!

  6. Smoothjjz975

    If the mother wants a model of correct behavior… Perhaps procreation without marriage wasn’t the way to go… . With the current environment of excessive force and profiling this mother & teacher has merely toe tagged her son for any future civil charges of youthful indiscretions… e Something his affluenza counterparts will get a pass-on repeatedly… This mothers PLANTATION METHODS are based on this system will provide the best welfare for her and her children in Georgia… When a parent publicly breaks down a child to hopelessness, they have to build that child’s self-esteem back up… Most parents don’t have the resources or skill for that…

  7. Unka Greggy

    Kids are not stupid. They know when something is fake and might have provoked something else to happen out of his mother’s control. That scare tactic might have worked back in the 50’s and 60’s, but today Mrs. Hill could have lost her son if the wrong kind of cop showed up to do what Ku Klux Kops are doing to Black men all over this country. For obvious reasons the mother first needs to be trained how to be a mother before she can mold her kids to be good citizens.


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