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New Digital Game Has Teens Vanishing Without a Trace

By: Krystle Crossman

In the digital age it can be hard to make sure that your kids are completely safe. There are so many different ways that they can get into trouble or find new and unsavory ways to test their parents’ limits. There is a new game that has been talked about on various news outlets around the world lately called the “Game of 72”. It is a game where teenagers talk other teens into disappearing without a trace for 72 hours. They are to have no contact with anyone at all, nothing posted, commented, or liked on Facebook. The more panic you cause the more points you earn.

While this has no happened in the United States and there is only one case that has been reported in the U.K. A young girl went missing and then three days later showed up to her parents house without an explanation. She wouldn’t state where she had gone or what she had done for a long time. Finally she admitted that she was playing the “Game of 72”. Even though it has not happened here yet it is still good to get the word out there and alert parents of what their children may be taking part in.

The friends of those playing the game supposedly watch as the families post away on social media and get the police involved because their child is missing. This is a very serious matter that many teens probably do not find to be a big deal. They feel that as long as they come home safely everything will be fine. The biggest issue is that they are just teens. Anything can happen to them while they are out being invisible. They could get picked up by someone who is trying to harm them. They could be robbed, hurt, or kidnapped. They may lack the basic street skills that it would take to survive for 72 hours by themselves.

While this has not yet become a problem in this country it is still good to put a warning out to parents to make them aware of this very dangerous game that could happen at any time.

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One thought on “New Digital Game Has Teens Vanishing Without a Trace

  1. JC

    Teens in the U.S. is going to find the \The of Game of 72\ will serve the monsters in their state(s) well—because teens do stupid things. ALSO…parents may have to pay heavy fines for these prinks.


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