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When Her Daughter Struggles With Her Natural Beauty This Mother Does Something Amazing

By: Krystle Crossman

Natalie McGriff, a Jacksonville, Florida resident is only 7 years old but she has already gone through the pain of not loving herself. She said that her toys don’t look like her and she doesn’t see characters on television that are like her. She didn’t like her dark skin and really didn’t like her naturally beautiful curly hair. Her mother, Angie Nixon, tried to get her to understand that she was beautiful. She started a Facebook page called “Natalie You Are Beautiful”. It was a public page where strangers from all over could post positive messages for the little girl who called herself ugly.

Nixon said that while her daughter loved reading the messages that were left for her on the page it still didn’t convince her that her skin and hair were beautiful. Her mother took charge and came up with a creative solution to the problem. She wrote a comic book with Natalie. The comic book was about “Moxie Girl” who had powerful afro-buns on her head. These buns were used to help fight off the bad guys. The story was about Moxie Girl and how she put a stop to bad guys that were destroying books in a library. Natalie was immediately excited about the thought of making up their own comic book and jumped right in to help with storylines.

When the comic was finished Nixon decided to enter it in a local contest they were having. It was a contest where people would walk around and look at the books that were on display and choose which one would win prize money that was put together by crowdfunding. It was apparent that Natalie wasn’t the only one who loved the comic as Nixon took home $16,400 that day. That money was used to print the comic book into a larger print so that people could buy it. The book will be released in June. Nixon is so pleased that the comic book seems to have helped Natalie realize that the parts that she didn’t like about herself are some of her best features and that she should be proud of who she is and what she looks like. Nixon stated that she has always tried to be a role model for her daughter by exhibiting self-respect because she doesn’t believe in telling her daughter to do something that she herself won’t do.

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4 thoughts on “When Her Daughter Struggles With Her Natural Beauty This Mother Does Something Amazing

  1. Phumlani Mbabela

    I think the main reason why black girls struggle to understanding a trivial and natural concept like beauty it’s because of Black Women who go out of their way to look non-African and Black Men who put up with it. For as long as we have STRONG BLACK WOMEN LIKE Angie Nixon there will be hope for our girls.

    • Aprillove

      First of all that’s not true. It goes back to the wills lynch letter if you heard of it and the mind control that blacks and everyone is under whether ruin know it or not. We are breed to dislike our skin color, hair, etc. this is no mistake and it’s by design. Black men who put up with it please get the f*** out of here, that the reason why we do it for black men. Black men are just as f***ed up as we are when it come to euro centric beauty. Black men love long straight hair not black women’s kinky, curly hair that God gave us oh and like black men’s hair. Black men love light skin and European features when it comes to choosing a mate. Our men don’t even love us and WON’T except us in our natural state. So please do your research and get your facts rights before your start placing blame. I’ve been studying and researching this very issue for years now and I may not be an expert I know what I am talking about and I am speaking facts not my opinion.

  2. Rich

    Phumlani Mbabela I completely agree with you… our race has been so heavily influenced by European culture that many of us have forgotten where we come from and the natural strong beauty that comes with it! I dont know about the brothers April speaking for but the guys I associate with love real women with natural hair. And to be even more truthful about it…Women dress and style themselves more for the competitive bragging rights between other women and not the average man. We could care less about the bags, shoes, lipstick brands and cost…as long as you look neat and clean REAL men are just fine with that!! If daughter sees mommy getting weave and shameful of her own hair, face and other appearances chances are she will grow up with the same insecurities!

    • Teddy Young

      Right on April Love your comments are True. True Freedom comes from the Mind. AN as long as we as Black People Envy the Oppressor we will never b Free.


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