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Inspiring: 16 Year Old Great Lakes Resident Earns Master’s Degree, Now Moving on To Doctorate

By: Krystle Crossman

Thessalonika Arzu-Embry is no ordinary 16 year old. She is an astounding young women who is inspiring to many. At the young age of 11 years old she began taking college courses. By age 14 she had earned her bachelor’s degree. This year she will be completing her Master’s degree and moving on to a doctorate program. Her mother, Wonder, stated that Embry has always had a passion for learning and began when she was very young. She said that by the time she was 6 she was able to read college books and understand them.

At the age of 11 the Great Lakes, IL resident enrolled in the College of Lake County. She had been home-schooled by her mother her entire life and said that while college was a change from being home-schooled it was still an environment with endless possibilities to learn and she was loving it. Her mother was nervous to let her enter college at such a young age but she knew that if she didn’t let her she was limiting her daughter’s success. So Wonder encouraged Thessalonika and sent her out into the college world. Her IQ was measured at 199 (over 30 points higher than Stephen Hawking and Albert Einsten). She has had no trouble at all with the college-level work and it shows.

Thessalonika moved from the College of Lake County to Chicago University and then on to Thomas Edison State College where she earned her bachelor’s in psychology. From there she enrolled in Regent University located in Virginia. She took online courses as well as courses in the classroom. This summer she graduates with her master’s degree in organizational leadership and strategic foresight. She is not stopping there however! Thessalonika will be moving on to obtaining her doctorate in aviation psychology. She grew up on a naval base and has always been around planes because of her father. She hopes to work for an aviation company and help pilots with their mental health so that she can reduce “human factor errors” such as mental breakdowns mid-flight.
Not only has Thessalonika accomplished all of this in just 16 years but she has also self-published three books. “Jump the Education Barrier” is a book to help kids succeed in school and get on the fast track to a college education. “The Genius Race” is meant to help people become geniuses in certain areas of their lives. “In the Future” is geared towards business owners to show them how to operate their business during the changing trends in the market. Did we mention that Thessalonika also has a black belt in Six Sigma management? This amazing young woman has her whole life ahead of her and it looks like it is going to be a very successful one.

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13 thoughts on “Inspiring: 16 Year Old Great Lakes Resident Earns Master’s Degree, Now Moving on To Doctorate

  1. Ray Jones

    I am very impressed and inspired! She should be owning the Aviation company, not working for them! Brilliant African #QUEEN

  2. Wanda Dorn

    Congratulations Thessalonika Arzu-Embry. Can you share with us your study habits and commitment affirmations so that we might share some of them with other young people. You should be applauded by Presidents, Politicians, Educators and Parents for the example you have set; the I can do it example.

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  4. Tim R

    She is not only an inspiration, but also very in depth, with the world around her. It is not easy to find, such an astute & pragmatic young woman her age. What do you say, about sending her to the Whitehouse, and replace Obama. If not that then teach him

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  7. Jerome F. Thompson

    I am so proud of you and wish you the best life has to offer. I hope other young people are reading about you so they will know they too can have it all if they apply themselves. Shoot for the moon and land there. .

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  9. Kevin

    Full support to her for her achievement. That is wonderful!

    TO THE HEADLINE WRITER: And what, pray tell, was Einstein’s IQ? Hm? Oh, that’s right – HE WAS NEVER TESTED! While IQ testing was being developed he was already publishing papers that upended physics. Stop using the tired “IQ higher than Einstein” crap because it just means you’re a crappy headline writer who doesn’t check sources. Find a different way to say someone is smart!

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