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Three Jamaican Teens Create App and Take Home Top 4-H Club Prize

By: Krystle Crossman

Three teens in Jamaica took home the top 4-H Club prize this week at the 2015 National 4-H Achievement Day for an innovative app for phones that they created. The three boys attend Edwin Allen High School together and are a part of the 4-H club at that school. They wanted to come together and create an app that would help farmers to maximize the amount of crops that they get from their farms. And so, J’Aagro: The Farmer’s Handbook was born.

Ricardo Gaynor was the programmer of the group. He wrote all of the codes and created the framework of the app. Herad Howell is the thinker of the group and came up with the ideas on how to design and run the app. Odaine Williams handled the graphics and the user interface for the app as well as the marketing for it. Together they built a solid app with the help of their club leader and took home the prize.

The app is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and Blackberry which covers almost all of the cell phone markets out there. It collects data about the available resources that the farmer’s have on their land and tells them about how to maximize the amount of product that they can raise with the space and resources available. It can give them tips on how to grow, what to grow, and where to grow. Since resources are constantly updated they will need what they call “groundsmen” to collect data and report it back to the app so that it can remain in line with what is available. They are considering charging for use of the app because they do have to keep constantly updating it and this costs money to do so. They are still going over that phase of the app.

The boys not only developed the app but will be creating videos soon with the help of the Jamaica Agricultural Society in case someone doesn’t have a cell phone. The president of JAS said that he is thrilled to meet with the boys and hear about everything that they have to offer. He feels that this app could give Jamaica’s agriculture a great boost.

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