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Life on the Road: Home-schooling From a Camper and the Lessons One Family Learned

By: Isabella Carson

Many people home-school because it gives them the freedom to roam. Some families will take extended vacations because they are able to teach their children while they are out on the road and are not restricted to school vacation dates. Writer Jeff Schrum and his family decided to take a leap of faith and embark on a 10 month journey around the country. They got more out of the trip than they ever could have imagined and Schrum shared some of the things that they learned while they were on their adventure:

1. Lessons – Schrum stated that the entire family learned more from the experiences that they had than they could have imagined. The kids did not have strict book lessons for this trip. They had hands on learning. They went to national parks and participated in Junior Ranger programs that taught them about the land and conservation. They learned about astronomy while sitting under the stars in some of the most beautiful spots the country has to offer. They learned about history by visiting different memorials and historic sites. The kids took a genuine interest in everything that they were learning and their parents were right there to learn with them.

2. Happiness – While being stuck in tight living quarters with your family for 10 straight months could be a recipe for disaster it worked out well for this family. They learned a lot about each other. They are also happier for having the time that they had together. Not many families have the opportunity to sit down for a meal for that long. Many families have to eat at different times due to afterschool activity schedules and work schedules. Schrum said that they learned to cherish the time that they had together.

3. Comfort zones – As parents you don’t want your children to see you fighting. Unfortunately when you are living in a camper with no doors that is pretty much impossible. The Schrums had to jump out of their comfort zones and deal with every day issues with their kids right there. Mr. Schrum states that he is not sure if it did the kids any good to see all of the raw family drama right there in front of them but time will tell. Overall they learned a lot about each other and learned new ways to communicate.

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