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New Report Shows That More Students Than Ever Are Living in Poverty and It Is Affecting Them At School

By: Serena Crawford

The income level of a child’s family can determine their academic success. A new study shows that kids in the US are poorer than they have ever been at this point in time and it is affecting them more than we may realize. Children who come from high income homes are more likely to do well in school because they are focus, ready to learn, excited to learn, and organized. Often times children from low income houses are distracted and unorganized.

When a child is in a low income home they often do not have access to the resources that their wealthier counterparts do. Their parents usually are not home as much as they are working multiple jobs to try and pay the bills. This can cause them to have no help around if they need it for their homework. They may not have access to transportation to a local library. They often do not have nutritious meals, especially breakfast, which can be extremely detrimental to the learning process. When a child is hungry they are less likely to sit and pay attention when they are in a classroom.

The Condition of Education Report from 2015 shows that there are certain groups of children who will do better in school. Kids from wealthy homes, female students, students who live in a two-parent home, and students who are older all general come to school with a positive outlook on learning and do well academically. Male students, black students, students who have parents that didn’t graduate high school, students who have family incomes at or below the poverty line, and students who come from a single parent home are less likely to come to school ready and willing to learn. They do not have the positive outlook that is needed for their education.

The report also showed that the percentage of students living at or below the poverty level has risen. In 2000 15% of students were living in poverty. Now in 2013 that number is 21%. Out of that 39% are black, 36% are Native American, and 13% are white or Asian. The report hopes to show Congress the big picture of what is affecting learning in schools. They also use test scores combined with their reports to show different areas that are lacking. One good thing that the report showed is that overall the amount of crime in schools has gone down and the achievement gap between white students and black students has gone down over the years as well.

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