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Advice That All Kids Should Hear to Become Happy and Successful Adults

By: Isabella Carson

Parents will give their children advice throughout their lifetime that will help them along the way. However there are many things that go unsaid that would be extremely beneficial to a child in their journey to adulthood. Here are some examples:

1. If you don’t ask for what you want you probably won’t get it. People need to know what it is that you want, they aren’t mind readers. If you want that promotion at work you are going to need to speak up. If you want to get a good grade in classes you need to be engaged and need to answer questions on a regular basis. Always be vocal about what it is you are looking for and you just may find it.

2. Make sure that no matter what the situation is you always listen. Take notes if you need to in order to remember what has been said. Make sure that you are always attentive and open to what someone is saying because you never know when they will give useful information for the future.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is different. If your child is really good at math and another classmate is better at reading make sure that they don’t get down on themselves about it and instead find the positive out of it. They need to worry about themselves and how they are doing in school, not how others are performing.

4. Go after your own dreams and focus on what you want to get out of life. If you chase dreams that are not yours you will never be truly happy in life.

5. Black children have a very unfair disadvantage at school thanks to the statistics that people like to base stereotypes off of. Ignore them. Those stats are about other people. As stated above everyone is different. Don’t let your child get down on themselves because they are hearing about statistics that they feel apply to them.

6. Confidence is one of the most important assets that someone can have. Make sure that your child has a healthy self-esteem and that they are confident in their abilities. They will be able to go much farther when they believe in themselves. They will let other people know that they can believe in them too.

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