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What is Your Parenting Style and How Does it Affect Your Family?

By: Krystle Crossman

We all have different parenting styles. These styles can affect our children and our families more than we know. It is important to figure out what parenting style we have and how to serve our family in the best way possible.

1. Helicopter Parenting – This is becoming increasingly popular among parents but it may not be the best style for your child. A helicopter parent is one who never lets their child do anything without them. They are the ones who will not let their child explore because they are afraid they are going to scrape their knee. They are afraid to let their children grow up. Often times they come to job interviews with their children which can be very detrimental to their efforts in getting a job.

2. Strict Parenting – A strict parenting style is one where there are a lot of rules that are set and enforced with punishment. There are positives to this style of parenting such as children learning respect. However children could be alienated later in life because of just how strict their parents were.

3. Authoritative Parenting – These are the parents that find the happy middle between being a lenient parent and being a strict parent. They don’t hover as they are confident in their child’s ability to respect others and respect the rules. They punish for breaking the rules but not as harshly as a strict parent would. Their children know where the line is and may cross it from time to time but they are not defiant about it and do not alienate themselves from their parents. This is generally the best style of parenting for most families.

4. Lenient Parenting – Lenient parents do not have much structure or many rules. The parents let their children make their own decisions for the most part and let their children explore as much as they want. The good thing about this parenting style is that the child is in control of their life and learns about good decision-making skills. The negative thing about this style is that leniency can turn to a lack of guidance and a child making bad decisions.

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