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Michigan Homeschoolers Starting to be Scrutinized

By: Isabella Carson

In March of this year a terrible tragedy occurred when two children who had been home-schooled were found in a freezer having been killed by their mother. They lived in Michigan which is one of only 11 states that had no laws about registering your child into the school system. This law is being examined and there may be some changes coming down the pipe in light of the recent tragedy. Most home-school families however are not supportive of a change.

39 states in U.S. require a parent to register their child into the school system and check in so often so that the schools know that the children are on track and where they need to be with their education. Some have to turn in reports about what they are doing at home. Many home-school families in Michigan feel that changing the law to a system like this is a way for the school system to interfere with the home-school process. They have their children out of the school system and almost all home-school parents are doing what they are supposed to and giving their children the education that they need. Kevin and Abby Waterman live in Detroit and home-school their children. Abby Waterman stated that they do all of the administrative responsibilities at home and having to add more duties to comply with a new law is a huge burden.

Another home-school mother, Cheryl Overly, states that she believes that even though most are good home-school parents there should still be some more oversight so that children do not fall through the cracks. She has to submit paperwork to the state yearly already because her two children require speech therapy services. She states that it is easy and is not an extra burden. Executive director for the Coalition for Responsible Home Education, Rachel Coleman, wonders why so many parents are fighting something that would be designed to keep their children safe. It is easy for a child to disappear when there is no record of them. The case of the two children above is a good example of how children can fall off of the radar.

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