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Brothers Who Designed Mobile Web Browser Are 13 and 15 Years Old

By: Krystle Crossman

Nigerian brothers Osine and Anesi Ikhianosime have always been fascinated with computers. Their mother says that they have been using computer since before they learned how to read. They became very interested in learning how to code and so they taught themselves. They took to the internet to find websites such as Code Academy and read books such as Android for Game Development that would help them to learn. After learning these skills they put it to the test one day while they were bored. At the young ages of 13 and 15 the brothers coded and created their own browser.

The browser is called Crocodile Browser Lite. It is a fast browser that is made for smartphones that are on the lower end of the smartphone spectrum and may not be able to handle a more CPU intensive browser. It started out being available on the Mobango App but has since moved over to the Google Play store where so far it has been downloaded over 1,000 times. It seems to be well-liked by those who have downloaded it as there are 207 five star reviews from those who took the time to review the app. One user states, “Love it! It’s light, fast, and user friendly…” The only criticism that people seem to have about the browser is that it needs more color and a nicer logo. On several reviews where people have left feedback such as this Osine and Anesi have responded thanking them for their feedback and letting them know that they are taking their suggestion under advisement.

The boys’ mother credits their school for being an integral part in helping them to learn to love coding. They always had access to computers while they were there. They both have laptops at home as well. Anesi plans on finishing secondary school this year and then after some A level classes he will be headed off to MIT in Boston to continue with his passion for computer science. He hopes that one day he will be able to create an application that can help people with real-life situations.

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7 thoughts on “Brothers Who Designed Mobile Web Browser Are 13 and 15 Years Old

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  2. Cheryl Folston

    I hope when they finish school they apply for jobs at Facebook, who I hear dont have enough Black workers and blame it on there not being enough Blacks educated in the computer sciences.

  3. Joevren Curmi

    I truly believe that all humans are created equally. It’s not the colour of your skin which matters, but how you use your time, skills and talent. These guys are heroes because they did not waste their childhood playing games on a PC or watching tv.

    Good for you boys. Very inspiring.

  4. Mary Ni

    it’s not who you are – fat or thin, black or white that is important in the overall scheme of things. It is what you do. Well done guys 😉



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