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Common Household Spice Kills 4 Year Old Child in Kentucky, Mother Sends Out a Warning

By: Krystle Crossman

When you think of dangerous household items for kids you would think about chemicals, heavy objects, and full bathtubs. However there are other dangers that lie around the home that may never come to mind. Matthew Radar was dead at just four years old because of a common household spice. His mother, Brianna Radar, is speaking out about just how dangerous cinnamon is and how it killed her child within an hour and a half.

There are videos all over the internet of people doing the “Cinnamon Challenge” where they must eat an entire tablespoon of cinnamon. Now while that may seem quite harmless it is actually very dangerous. When cinnamon is ground into a powder it can cause a lot of breathing problems if ingested straight. Little Matthew Radar was exploring and found a bottle of ground cinnamon. He opened it and ate some of it. Within minutes he was having a seizure and couldn’t breathe. His mother rushed him to the hospital where they worked on him for over an hour and a half but unfortunately they could not revive him. His organs were donated to help save other children in the wake of his tragedy.

Brianna Radar says that she wants to spread the word about what happened to her son because she knows about the Cinnamon Challenge and wants to put the warning out about how dangerous it really is. You may not think anything of it because it is just a spice that is used in the kitchen but like many other household items it can become deadly if used improperly. She hopes that her message will reach people and hopefully stop them from doing the challenge before they become seriously hurt.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers showed that the number of calls for cinnamon related issues has gone up drastically in the last few years because of the popularity of this challenge on social media. When you swallow an irritating substance such as the cinnamon your body will cough to try and get it out. When that happens the spice ends up in your lungs. Your lungs will then seize to the point where you stop breathing. While death’s like Matthew’s are very rare it still should be known that there is a potential danger and cinnamon as well as other spices around the kitchen should be kept high and out of reach of small children.

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