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Are You a Confident Home-school Parent? If Not These Tips May Help

By: Isabella Carson

Home-schooling can be a daunting task. You have to make sure that your child is getting what they need from the lessons that you are teaching them. Even if you are scared you cannot let them know that because then they may doubt your abilities. Home-school mother and blogger Penelope Truck has three tips to help you home-school confidently:

1. Strengths – Make sure that you know what your strengths are. Focus on those instead of focusing on the things that you may not be as good at. For example if you are great at teaching science but struggle to teach history try to incorporate the two somehow. If you have certain teaching methods that are your strength make sure that you use those so that your child is getting the most that they possibly can from your lessons. If you continue to stress about your weaknesses your child will too.

2. Be optimistic – Don’t look at the negatives that could come from home-schooling. Instead focus on all of the positive things. Think about how your child is getting the education that you want them to get instead of being forced to learn in a way that may not be the best for them. Think about the time that you get to spend with them as opposed to long days without seeing them if they were in school. Focus on the positive things that your child does as well. If they do particularly well on a hard problem make sure to give them a little praise so that they will be optimistic about what they are doing as well.

3. Goals – Goals are a very important thing to have when it comes to home-schooling. It is good to have a clear-cut set of goals at the beginning of the “school year” so that you and your child know what is expected. It is good motivation to try and meet these goals as well and will help you both to work harder in order to achieve them. Make sure that the goals are small enough so that they are possible to meet but large enough that they feel like a great accomplishment at the end.

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