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Young Texas Sisters Have Lemonade Stand Shut Down By the Police and You Won’t Believe the Reason Why

By: Serena Crawford

Zoey and Andria Green wanted to buy tickets to Splash Kingdom in Texas for their father for Father’s Day. Their mother told them that they could earn the money by doing what so many young children do. They set up a lemonade stand. Their lemonade sold for $0.50 and they had bags of popcorn that they were selling for $1. They were having a great time with their stand until the police showed up. The officer came over to their table and told them that they were in violation of a city ordinance because they did not have a permit to sell the lemonade. He shut the stand down and said they could not open it again until they had a permit.

The girls’ mother said that the officer was very nice about it but thought that it was ridiculous that they had to go down to city hall, pay a fee of $150 (which the police agreed to waive for the girls), and obtain a permit just to set up a lemonade stand. The reasoning that the officer gave was that they were selling something that needed to be temperature controlled so that it wouldn’t spoil which requires a permit in the city. He told them that there is a lot of bacteria that can grow in lemonade. The girls’ mother was frustrated. Then even if they obtained a permit they were told that they needed the city’s health department to come check out the lemonade stand and the place where the lemonade to make sure it was all “up to code”. All for ice water with lemons and sugar.

The girls’ mother stated that she was not going to pursue a permit because sending them to the health department for lemonade was just ridiculous. Instead she and her daughters set the stand up again but this time they were giving out the lemonade for free with donations accepted. This way they were not selling anything but they could still get money for their Father’s Day present. This is a good lesson for the girls however. It shows them that if you want to become an entrepreneur there is research that needs to be done first to make sure that you are compliant with the laws no matter how silly they may be.

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4 thoughts on “Young Texas Sisters Have Lemonade Stand Shut Down By the Police and You Won’t Believe the Reason Why

  1. kimberly

    This is ridiculous! really????? let me think…hum…so the police have nothing better to do wit their lives but target some little kids trying to sell some lemonade and snacks to raise a little money for fathers day…a task 100s and 100s of kids do all the time but the dope dealer who is lurking around the corner they will have no problem letting them slide….and they wonder why society dont trust them…

  2. Chloe

    “Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps”. But first you need to purchase your boots at City Hall for more money than you can afford, have them inspected, licensed, to go the Boot Inspection Division, and then you can put them on. However, to lace up your boots, you’ll have to purchase your laces at City Hall…

  3. Misty Adana

    If they give you a lemon, give away lemonade. This mother creatively taught her daughters that you don’t allow people to stop you from your dreams. You have to figure out how to go over, under, around, if you can’t go through. Wonderful lesson for all.

  4. A. G.

    Here in KY the kids set up lemonade stands every year to make money for the Salvation Army to help feed families, although this is charity I was just wondering if people purchasing it here would not also get sick, if that is the case, how do you get sick off of lemons, sugar, water and popcorn? it is not as though they were selling fried chicken! I understand the lesson here, do your homework before starting your little business but it just appears this is picking on little kids, it was not as though they were going to become millionaires selling lemonade.


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