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Turning Him In: Did These Mothers Make the Right Parenting Choice By Turning Their Own Sons In To the Police?

By: Krystle Crossman

As a parent you will do anything to protect your child from the evils of the world. But what if your child is suspected of being one of those evils? Do you cover for them and protect them or do you make them own up to what they have done? Two mothers in Boston felt horrible for turning their sons in to the police for the alleged murder of another teen, but they felt that it was the right move. They are receiving praise from others in the community for being strong and doing what they felt was right. It is a tough decision for any parent and one that we all hope that we never have to make. If the time ever came, could you do what these two mothers did?

Raeshawn Moody, 14, and Dushawn Taylor-Gennis, 16, have been accused of shooting 16 year old Jonathan Dos Santos. It is alleged that they shot the victim five times although it is unclear as to what the motive was. Taylor-Gennis’ mother, Genneane Gennis, stated that it was very hard for her to believe that he could have committed this crime however she still thinks that he should have to go through the justice system so that if he did in fact kill this other boy, he will be punished accordingly. She said that the hardest part about making the decision was knowing that he was going to be tried as an adult and that he could spend the rest of his life in prison. He is only 16 but she stated that the victim was also a baby and doesn’t get any chance at living out his life. She feels sorry that the victim’s parents have to deal with the loss of their son at such an early age. Gennis brought her son to the police station when she found out what he was being accused of.

Gennis states that she hopes that her son will be allowed to have his day in court as she does not believe that he is guilty of these crimes and wants him to have a chance to defend himself. However she is teaching him a very important lesson by not hiding him from these charges. She is teaching him to be accountable and responsible and those are very valuable lessons that every child needs to learn at one point or another.

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One thought on “Turning Him In: Did These Mothers Make the Right Parenting Choice By Turning Their Own Sons In To the Police?

  1. kimberly

    I applause these mothers…sad…sad…sad situation all around…I have a relative who has a son who killed someone and she covered for him.She covered for every horrible crime he inflicted on other people.He was eventually caught and did 20 years in prison.When he was released he went on a rampage again and once again she was there to make excuses for him again.Thank god his azz is locked up again and the rest of my family is praying they never let this menace to society out. I feel sorry for all f these mothers.It is already hard enough raising kids to do the right thing and be a productive member of society…they dint want to live that way and now they must be accountable and pay the piper for their crimes..


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