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How to Home-school During the Summer While Still Enjoying the Season

By: Serena Crawford

It is summertime and children who attend public schools are racing happily out the front doors. They are excited for a few months of fun, sun, and best of all, no school. But what about home-school children? Do they take a summer break like those on a public school schedule do? Many don’t but they are still able to enjoy the summer without feeling like they are still in school. Summer is a time to relax so if you want to continue your child’s education throughout the summer there are quite a few benefits in doing so:

1. Field Trips – Summer is a great time for field trips that can be educational as well. Set up a scavenger hunt at the beach or play beach bingo. List out specific animals and have your children find them and take a photo of them. They will be able to enjoy the weather but also learn about the different animals that live in the tide pools and along the shores. You can also visit zoos and nature parks to learn about animals from other habitats that you cannot see in the wild.

2. Reading & Math – When it is just too hot to play outside and you need something to do indoors you can get their reading and math skills honed. Take advantage of the time that is spent in the house so that when it is nice enough to go outside the kids can play as much as they want to.

3. Stress – When you have all year to learn certain lessons instead of just during the months of September through June you can stretch lessons out longer and make them less daunting. There isn’t as much pressure to finish things in time for the end of the school year.

4. Structure – You can have a routine down for the summer months so that all of their days are not spent lying around the house in front of the television or video games. You can have a flexible enough schedule where you can stop what you are doing and go out for a play date with friends if something comes up but you can still have some structure to the day.

5. Vacations – Summer vacations are something that many families enjoy doing and the best part about home-schooling is that you can find lessons wherever you go! You can still enjoy a relaxing vacation without that “school” feel but can throw some educational stops in as well. There are many different historical sites such as Gettysburg or Colonial Williamsburg that you can visit to learn about our nation’s history. You can go to science museums all over the country to learn a variety of STEM topics.

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