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Can a Color Really Improve Your Child’s Memory and Focus?

By: Isabella Carson

The color green is a welcome color in the spring. It brings about thoughts of new life and fresh beginnings. A recent study conducted in Barcelona shows that the color green not only brings these feelings out but can help your child with their memory and focus. The study consisted of over 2,500 students from 36 different primary schools in Barcelona. Children are outside in nature less and less these days and the study was conducted to see if that was hurting them at all. They had children in rooms that featured a lot of green things such as green walls and plants and then the other children were in rooms that had very little green. Everything else about the learning environments was the same.

After a year the study checked back in with the students and had them take a quiz to test their cognitive functions. They found that the children that were in rooms with more green in them had an average of a 5% increase in their short-term memory. They also found a slight increase in their attentiveness. The children that were in the rooms without all of the green did not show any improvements in these areas. So what is it about the color green that can help with focus and memory? The researchers feel that the color green incites physical activity because it reminds children of being outdoors.

Children should get at least one hour of physical play every day to ensure that they have healthy bodies but it appears that they need it for healthy minds as well. When children are outside playing games with each other they are learning social skills, teamwork, and how to problem-solve. Letting your child explore and play is one of the best things that you can do for them as they learn so much by exploring the world around them. Sadly children do not get to play outside as much as they once used to due to a number of factors such as over-scheduling, lack of parental supervision, and safety in the neighborhood. Many schools are seeing that nature is important for children and their cognitive abilities and are making strides to ensure that kids are immersed in the world outside. They will have gardens that the kids can take care of and many schools also build play spaces in the middle of a grove of trees.

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