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How Safe Are the Photos of Your Children That You Post Online?

By: Krystle Crossman

Parents love to take photos of their children. We love to have memories of how adorable they were as they were growing up. Before social media we would print these photos out and put them in an album for the coffee table. People would come over and thumb through the photo album. Now that we have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter our children’s photos are available for all to see with just one click. But how safe is it to put a photo of your child online? You may have that social media profile set so that only friends can see the posts but is it still safe?

When you use your phone to take a photo of your child and post it online make sure that you have the GPS tags turned off. This way your photos do not come with a location tag so that others can see where you are and where you have been with your children. You can also enable privacy settings that only allow family members or close friends to view the photos and no one else. These will help to keep your photos from being seen by someone you don’t want to see them. It is also better to upload your photos to sites that require you to log in to view the albums like Flickr.

There are a lot of people out on social media that will steal other people’s photos and use them for purposes that they are not intended for. Some will steal them for marketing purposes, others will take them for personal reasons. Either way they have access to your photos that they should not have. Your photos can be safe when they are posted online you just have to make sure that you have the proper security measures in place.

Safety aside think about the photos that you are posting of your child and how they will feel about them when they are older. That photo with their cute little baby butt may be adorable now but what about when they are a teenager trying to impress someone and that photo is dug up? You are creating a digital footprint that others can access long in the future.

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