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Great Ways to Teach Your Children How to Love

By: Isabella Carson

Teaching your children about love is something that you can do easily and without even thinking about it. There are some simple things according to writer Joanna Schroeder that we do every day that can show children what love is and why it is so great:

1. Show them charity – Every day you have an opportunity to help someone in need. It doesn’t have to be something where you spend money. You can help someone cross the street, help them with their groceries if they are having a hard time, or give someone a coffee or a sandwich if they are hungry. When they are old enough bring them along with you to volunteer somewhere and show them how important giving back is.

2. Arguments – Everyone says that you aren’t supposed to fight in front of your children. Small arguments however should be done in front of them. It shows them that love is hard work and that sometimes you are going to fight with those you love. Make sure that when the argument is over that you hug and show them that people in love can get through those arguments and still love each other no matter what. If you leave the room after an argument without showing your children that you have made up they may experience stress because they don’t know whether things are okay or not.

3. Don’t be superior – Most people don’t like it when others look down on them because it makes them feel small. Don’t be someone who looks down on other people or shows a sense of entitlement. This will teach your children to act the same way. Treat everyone as you would want to be treated and make sure that your children see that no one person is better than another simply because of the things that they have or the life that they lead.

4. Respect – Treat your friends and strangers with respect. Show your children that everyone deserves respect and that they should treat other people with the same kindness that they would want to be treated with.

5. Show love – Above all else always show your children unconditional love. Even if they do something that angers you always make sure to hug them and tell them that you love them. They will carry this through their lives and do the same when they are older.

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