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What Happens When a Question on a Kindergarten Entrance Form is Too Personal for One Mother

By: Isabella Carson

A West Hartford, CT school found itself being questioned by mother Cara Paiuk after she found a question on the enrollment form that she did not like. There was all of the normal information such as where the child lived and if they were allergic to anything or on any medications. Then there was a question that baffled Paiuk. She couldn’t think of any fathomable reason for them to be asking such a personal question that really had no bearing on who her child was. The questions that was asked? They wanted to know as to whether she had a c-section or a [email protected] birth.

Paiuk tried to get information from the school district on the reason for this question but they were not very forthcoming. She stated that the only possible scenario that she could think of was if they were indirectly asking if there was any birth trauma. Trauma at the time of a child’s birth can haunt them for the rest of their lives and can cause them to have severe developmental issues when they are a little older. The assistant superintendant for the school district stated that the forms have been that way for a long time and she was sure it was just a question that should have been worded a little better. She stated that she believes they were just trying to figure out if there were any bodily injuries or trauma to the child when they were born.

The school system took Paiuk’s concerns under advisement and will be revising the forms so that they are new for next year’s incoming students. Paiuk stated that she doesn’t think that the schools are trying to be overly invasive or that they are prying for information that they don’t need. She feels that someone a long time ago pulled the question from some medical book and tried to sound smart instead of asking the question differently. When Paiuk spoke with other parents about the question she said that many of them didn’t even realize that it was there. They answered it without even thinking because when you fill out forms with information your mind begins to wonder because you have filled these forms out many times before.

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3 thoughts on “What Happens When a Question on a Kindergarten Entrance Form is Too Personal for One Mother

  1. bascombe

    the question is convenient if you want to create an opportunity for institutional bias against the parent. the question needs to be stricken. it presupposes a permanent risk to the child.

  2. jaime love

    They asked the question so that they can eventually recommend those students for Special Education, which is a HUGE money maker for public schools.

  3. joyzz

    Information on nature of birth not needed on enrollment form; not needed to enter kindergarten. Nurture and educate all children at their level of need.


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