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Three Important Teaching Lessons for Home-school Kids

By: Serena Crawford

When you home-school your children everyone seems to have an opinion about how you should teach your children. Home-school mother and blogger Penelope Trunk says that she is leery of people that state that children need teachers in order to learn. Children can learn many different ways such as through experience and exploration. There are three scenarios that she has come across however that she finds to be excellent methods of teaching:
1. Bringing preschool students into nursing homes: Trunk feels that preschool is not necessary for a child’s education and is more used as a babysitting service than anything else. She states that putting children in preschool into nursing homes to interact with the elderly who can’t be around their families during the day either is a great lesson. It is good for both the elders and the children as they get a chance to interact with age groups that they would not normally see. Each of them learns something from one another and there are plenty of smiles to go around.

2. Training kids for non-existent jobs: As our kids get older the jobs that we have in the workforce today may not be around. They will need to know about new and modern functions that will serve their generation more than the current generation. This is a great time to let them explore and think outside of the box. Instead of forcing them to learn about a job that they could have now have them learn skills for jobs they may have in the future. They know what the trends in their generation are and they can figure out new techniques and products that will help them when they are older. The more that they learn about these things the better chance they will have when they are old enough to work.

3. Foraging for food: While this does not seem like it will teach children much other than to be grateful for the foods that they often get to eat, there is some real value in this. Children will learn to become more self-reliant of they have to go looking for their own food in the woods and on farms as opposed to picking a brightly colored package off of the grocery store shelves. They will learn about the ripeness of certain foods, what is edible, what is not edible, and what can be dangerous for your health.

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