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The Major Mistakes New Homeschoolers Make

By Staff Blogger

It’s summer time and most homeschoolers and those who go to “regular school” are taking a break and enjoying the warm weather and summer activities. While enjoying the fun and sun are great, for homeschoolers, it is also time to start planning the next school year. Many parents are just starting their homeschool journey. The following are the mistakes that many parents who are new to homeschooling make:

1. Recreating school at home

Many parents who are new to homeschooling fear that they may not be doing it “right” or that their kids may miss out on something because they have decided to home-school them. As a result, many parents will try to recreate school the way it was when their kids were in public school. This is not necessary because a lot of the systems in place at school are created to manage large groups of children. Homeschool can be much more relaxed and does not require as many rituals and systems.

2. Doing it alone

Many parents try to go on the homeschooling journey alone but it is so much easier and so much more fun to get help and support. Reach out to other families who homeschool through co-ops, blogs, and other social media.

3. Staying indoors

If the weather allows it, there is nothing wrong with going to the park and doing school work there or having “recess” at the beach! Homeschooling gives families much more freedom and flexibility to make learning fun and adventurous. Unfortunately, many parents get stuck in the house and miss out on all the wonderful things they can do now that they have more control of their schedules.

4. Not following state regulations and guidelines

While parents have much more control of their children’s education when they homeschool, it is still very important to know and follow the state regulations. Some states are much more strict than others, requiring a lot of documentation before “allowing” parents to homeschool while others only require that parents notify them.

5. Getting started late

It;s important to start planing the school year as early as possible so that you have plenty of time to review curriculum, plan activities and also plan financially. It is also important to start well ahead of time because some states have an application process and it may take time for the homeschool to be approved.


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