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These States Have The Most Strict Regulations for Homeschooling

By Staff Blogger

While homeschooling is legal in the U.S., which state you live (and homeschool) in makes a very big difference. States have varying regulations and policies and sometimes there is also a difference in different districts in the same state.

The following states are the least “homeschool friendly”:


In general, Ohio is actually not the most strict or rigid state but school districts in this state have policies that are. The state has policies that are reasonable compared to other states but unfortunately, a lot of school districts have created policies that are much more strict than the law.

According to, “Homeschoolers in Ohio are typically asked to use forms developed by school districts that ask for information not required by the regulations, which can be a problem for some homeschooling parents. School superintendents have the right to review submitted homeschool plans for compliance, and if that person denies the curriculum, parents have to act quickly to appeal and avoid juvenile court.”

North Dakota

North Dakota’s homeschooling policies are so restrictive that they are often accused of being unconstitutional. The state questions the qualifications of parents who wish to homeschool their children, requiring them to have a high school diploma or GED. If parents don’t have diplomas or GEDs, they are “monitored” and subjected to standardized tests. Until recently, instruction could not take place outside the child’s home. This meant that  families could not learn at the zoo, museum, or even in groups and co-ops.


Homeschoolers in Vermont are required to teach no less than 12 different subjects.The state’s regulations also require parents to submit detailed outlines of what they plan to cover in each of the subjects.The states also required parents to get their curriculum approved before they can homeschool.  In addition to getting their curriculum approved, Vermont also required yearly assessment on homeschooled children. Assessment can be done by a certified teacher using a designated form and also preparing a report. Homeschoolers can also pay an approved testing company to administer a standardized tests.

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2 thoughts on “These States Have The Most Strict Regulations for Homeschooling

    • Victor Tram

      @PE’el: We encourage you to request the information you’re asking about by talking with the locally-elected State Representative and State Senator in your district of Ohio. They should definitely be able to tell you whether or not your state’s school district has been taken over by their legislature. Thank you for reading and we appreciate your question about this very important matter. Have a great day.


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