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Black Woman Creates “Black Netflix” With Great Educational Content, Films, News

By Staff Blogger

We’ve all heard of Netflix and many people love it because it brings them their favorite shows, movies, documentaries and serves as a less costly alternative to having to subscribe to cable television. Netflix also offers more flexibility since shows can be watched any time rather than waiting for specific programs at specific times and let’s not forget the people who love to “binge watch” (watching a whole season in a short space of time).

Now there is a new streaming service similar to Netflix which is peaking the interest of many Black people; kweliTV. Kweli is a Swahili word which translates, in English, to the word “truth”.

The Black woman who came up with the idea of kweliTV is DeShuna Spencer and she is the CEO. Spencer graduated from Jackson State University which is a Historically Black College/University. She majored in communications and journalism. Spencer is also known as the creator of emPower Magazine, a quarterly business, entertainment and community interest publication that is produced online and in print.

kweliTV’s service is expected to start in December of 2015, but they currently have a beta phase open for those who want to try it out.

According to their site:

kweliTV is an interactive streaming TV network and app that offers documentaries, news programs, original docuseries, educational content and independent films of the global black community that will be accessible through Smart TVs, Internet TV devices, tablets and smartphones and the computer—all on demand.

It’s your TV on your terms.

To get the service, it will cost only $19.95 per year which is perfectly reasonable considering how much value they offer.


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8 thoughts on “Black Woman Creates “Black Netflix” With Great Educational Content, Films, News

  1. Kori Miller

    This is cool! When will the site be up and running? The BETA version didn’t appear to have anything to review.


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