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Police Brutality Increasing In Schools, Even Elementary Schools

By Evette D. Champion

When you send your children to school, you assume that they are in one of the safest places they could be, right? With security checks, monitoring and even active police personnel on campus, you think you can breathe easily. However, you may be surprised to learn that in a new report conducted Jaeah Lee of Mother Jones called “Chokeholds, Brain Injuries, Beatings: When School Cops Go Bad,” there have been at least 28 instances of extreme police brutality inside middle schools and high schools across America.

Did you know that there are approximately four people who have died while in police custody or have been killed by police every day? Because of this, there is a big spotlight on the causes of the police brutality, now more than ever.

We hear about these cases, but you rarely, if ever, hear about the brutality toward our children in their place of learning. The police are there to protect our children, not hurt them.

Advocacy groups have collected data which revealed that within five years, at least 28 children have been seriously hurt by these uniformed officers. In one case, one child was even shot to death.

Sadly, it was inevitable that the police brutality would make its way inside the schools. According to Lee’s report, there were numerous instances where children in middle school were in chokeholds which rendered them unconscious by police officers. There were students who suffered from severe brain injuries after they were Tasered—all because they were trying to stop fights.

In the case of the student being shot by an officer? The officer said he feared for his life while he was chasing the student who had fought earlier in the day.

While this is traumatizing enough for pre-teen and teenagers, imagine what it would be like for elementary age children? Earlier this month, two young boys were placed in handcuffs in Troy, New York.

Why? The police officers in question believed the young boys were believed to have participated in a robbery because they matched the description of the actual culprit. The boys were eventually let go.

ABC 7 News covered a story where a 10 year old boy was placed in cuffs and escorted out of the school by NYPD. Why? For regular childhood antics like bullying.

The odd part is, the boy in question was the victim of the bullying!

Young or old, it seems like no one is safe from police brutality… And that, is a very sad realization.



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