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Howard Univ. Students Use Social Media To Vent About Rats, Bad Financial Aid & More

Reported by Liku Zelleke

Students at Howard University have taken to Twitter to air their grievances regarding the conditions at their school. They have been tweeting messages regarding the mold, rats, nonfunctioning air conditioners and the limited number of staff on campus. They are also protesting against red tape and glitches in financial aid at the school.

The university’s leaders, meanwhile, have admitted that they are feeling the effects of the school’s financial problems. Staff members have had to be laid off and the university has had to have its credit ratings downgraded, for the third time in as many years, because Howard University Hospital had a $37 million loss of profit last year.

@gr00vetheory tweeted, “My problem is that I’m paying $47000+ for deteriorating conditions, negative attitudes, and the runaround. We’re tired.”

“I love my HBCU, I love Howard that’s why I need the administration to show that same love and do better #TakeBackHU,” was sent out by @Wolfofwarentst.

“How do you expect us to succeed in our classes when we often have online assignments and the wifi is rarely on? @WFrederickMD #TakeBackHU,” tweeted @ItsHalesMane.

As more and more students went online and continued to vent their frustrations, Howard University’s president, himself an alum, Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick had no option but to address the tweets with one of his own.

He sent out: “My team & I are working diligently towards a comprehensive communication & resolve for your concerns. Your voices are heard and appreciated.”

Leading the social media campaign is Jalen Williams, a senior at the university, who said, “It’s just a peaceful call to action. I want people to understand is that the students here, we love our university. So we just want to see things change for the better.”

All this comes right on the heels of the anticipated grand celebration of the school’s 150th anniversary that will take place in 2017.

Hopefully, Howard University will soon see itself back in its rightful place among the fore of HBCUs before all hope is lost as was tweeted by @JuliaOsagie19, who said, “We were sold a dream & provided a completely different reality. #TakeBackHU”


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8 thoughts on “Howard Univ. Students Use Social Media To Vent About Rats, Bad Financial Aid & More

  1. thagreatestmanalive

    Great insight into the worlds of whites, Jews, and minority education in America. It’s a far cry from ignorant trust fund babies, chanting racist fraternal and university songs on a chartered bus, after a night out on the town.

  2. DJ

    I am so disappointed in Howard University, my alma mater. These conditions and total unprofessional behavior toward students existed when I graduated from there in 1988. I’ve been calling the college consistently recently to follow up on a transcript request that I made a paid for a month ago, and I can not get people to answer the phone, nor to return my phone calls. The transcripts are needed for employment and are holding me back from being able to work. College administrators lament about why alumni do not support them, and this is a key reason. Howard gives a bad name to all HBCUs. Fortunately, I’ve worked for and have family members who attend other HBCUS which are much better run and that offer a significantly better experience. Howard needs to get it together. Also, students should stop all of the damn tweeting, organize a conscious movement on campus and take on the administration and the college’s board in a more respectful and effective manner. Focused dialogue and action changes things for the better. Sitting on their computers and running the campus down only tears things down without building anything positive or substantial. Is this what they want their legacy to be? Be the change you want to see in your life.

  3. Power to the people

    What happen to all that money Bill Cosby donated through out the years. HMMMMM, Bet there whole lot of talk going on there. Just saying…… Funds done run dry before finding out the true story. We will learn one day to stop following and continue supporting until all the facts and true come out…..

  4. Mamie

    Hey, what if all the alumni from Howard sent in a check for $1000.00 annually at the beginning of the school year. I’m sure this would make a BIG DIFFERENCE FOR YEARS TO COME.

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  6. Chile Please

    It probably would, but how many people have $1,000 lying around in their account for GP.. They probably still paying the student loans back for the degree they got.

  7. Chile Please

    Well that might explain why I didn’t receive the gift I was supposed to after making my $150 donation during a fundraiser. Looks like they’ve got bigger problems and creditors..smh


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