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Idaho School Shut Down After Teen Threatens To “kill all the girls” At School

By Nigel Boys

Less than one week after nine students were killed and 10 injured in a mass shooting at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon, another school in Idaho was put on high alert after a threat by a 15-year-old boy to “kill all the girls” in his school.

The Guardian reports that after the shooting in Roseburg on October 1, officers have been told to take all threats seriously, and this case on Wednesday, although a little bizarre, was no exception.

The teenager, whose name was not released, allegedly sent threatening messages about bringing guns to the Highland High School in Pocatello, Idaho, because the girls had allegedly refused to give him naked pictures of themselves. He was arrested on Wednesday and charged with two counts of telephone harassment and one count of threatening violence on school grounds.

Bannock County prosecutor Steve Herzog said that the teen could face six months in jail for each of the accounts, according to the Idaho State Journal.

Normal school activities were resumed on Thursday after officials from the school restricted access to the campus on Wednesday, prior to the arrest of the teenage boy.

The International Business Times reports that threats from the teen started appearing on social media and were then reported to school officials on October 7. School administrators initiated a code blue lock down, restricting access to the campus, after learning of the possible threat, until the teen was taken into custody.

Dianne Brush, of the Pocatello Police Department, said the suspect was tracked down with the help of the department’s computer forensics team. “A lot of messages were sent, and all those messages had to be checked by our computer forensics computer specialists to determine exactly where those messages were coming from in order before we could arrest someone,” she said.

The Daily Mail reports that the suspect said that he had a 12 gauge shotgun and a 9mm pistol, which he planned to bring to the school on Friday and start killing all the girls. In messages to one of his classmates, the troubled teen allegedly wrote, “I will bring a gun to school Friday and shoot all the girls.”

When asked why he planned to carry out the shootings, he reportedly said that it was because the cheerleaders sent naked pictures of themselves over social media, but they refused to send him any when he requested.

The school friend he was messaging allegedly asks him “This is over f****** nudes?” To which the teen allegedly replies, “Everyone hates me and I hate [female student’s name]. Also, I will kill myself after.

The teen also allegedly used his Twitter account to harass girls, particularly cheerleaders. One of the tweets from the Highland High School student allegedly used racist remarks against black people and even threatened to do harm to President Barack Obama.


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