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Can Home-schoolers Function in the Real Word?

One of the common arguments of homeschooling opponents is that homeschooled kids aren’t prepared for life in the real world. The idea is that homeschoolers are sheltered with limited interaction outside of their immediate family. For most homeschooling families, this notion is quite inaccurate.

The majority of homeschool graduates are quite prepared for life in the real world – because they’ve been living in it their entire lives.

How are homeschooled kids prepared for the real world?

Interaction with a variety of people

Contrary to the public perception of homeschooled kids huddled around the dining room table for hours on end with no one except their siblings for friends, homeschooled kids tend to be skilled at interacting with a variety of people in a wide range of ages. Most homeschooled children regularly accompany their parents on outings and errands, providing them the opportunity to interact in a variety of settings.

They learn to graciously answer the elderly gentlemen in the grocery store inquiring why they aren’t in school today or the nosy cashier who wants to quiz them on their multiplication facts.

(Yes, those are generalizations. It’s not the life-mission of everyone in the general population to quiz homeschooled kids and most of the cashiers we’ve encountered are very friendly.)

It should be noted that homeschooled kids learn how to interact primarily from their parents, making it a good idea to save the snarky “what I’d like to say” replies for discussion among our homeschool friends, while modeling grace and kindness for our kids.

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