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Teen Who Started Business at 6 Years Old Opens Spa For Kids,Teens, Tweens

By Staff Blogger

It is amazing what can happen when a child is taught to build a business at a young age. While many kids were still learning how to read and write, six year old Essynce Moore was already learning how to build a business. The Passaic, NJ teen is already an established businessperson as well as a writer, fashion designer, actor and motivational speaker.

The young mogul is the owner of Essynce Couture, LLC, Essynce Couture University (ECU), Essynce Couture Publishing and she is the author of the recently released 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles.

Within days, the teen will be opening yet another business. She is in the middle of final preparations to open a spa, along with her teen cousin. The two enterprising teens are planning a grand opening for their Spa on November 1st. Their spa is called The Bomb Digz.

According to,

The spa will specialize in trendy services for both boys and girls that include, but aren’t limited to manicures, pedicures, hair styles, private birthday celebrations, and more. Also, it will host powerful workshops that teach children about entrepreneurship, self-esteem, fashion, and real life experiences.

According to the young mogul, she “works hard and plays even harder”, but says that “balance is necessary” when you are an honor student, actress and entrepreneur. She shares that she goes to the spa herself to get some rest and relaxation or to get together with friends and enjoy the services spas have to offer. It was only natural for her to decide to create a spa that teens like her could enjoy. While at the spa, kids, teens and tweens can also enjoy the services and they can also check out her latest fashions by Essynce Couture.

According to, “Teenpreneur, children, tweens and teens stylist/fashion designer, actress, motivational speaker, and author Essynce Moore has been in various fashion shows, pageants, and karate tournaments. She was showcased in NY Fashion Week, and Atlanta Kids Fashion Week, featured in several interviews in magazines, TV, news, print, conferences, and is a member of the New York Youth Chamber of Commerce.”


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