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Teen’s Twitter Posts Before He Was Killed on University Campus Are Heartbreaking 

By Robert C. Bess Sr.

Anthony White, a 19 year old young man enrolled as an Information Technology Major student in North Carolina was pronounced dead on Sunday at 1:30 am. This is truly a heartbreaking but familiar scenario as Anthony is suspected to have been killed by another young Black man.  Police have not determined a motive for the shooting yet and the young man that is suspected of being the shooter, Jarrett Jerome Moore, is still at large.  There was a female victim as well who was shot, taken to the hospital and treated for her wounds.      

Just hours before Anthony White was murdered he was tweeting about staying focused on his studies so that he would have an opportunity at a productive life.  One of his latest posts read, ‘A lot of people doubted me I kno (sic) its killin them to see me in college wen they said I was gon b in jail.  Mission is never complete.’  This message was tweeted on Friday night.  

He also tweeted on Friday, ‘Everything happens for a reason.’  As you read tweet after tweet from Anthony there is the feeling he is not only trying to inspire his followers but also himself.  He shared with his mother, ‘Momma look what I did I turned a dream to reality,’ also ‘1 more year, God please keep trouble from round my way you kno I really want this.’  Anthony had a deep desire to succeed and despite the odds weighing against him he was yelling out to everyone that he was going to get through life and get through it successfully.  Anthony wrote on Aug 30, ‘No where close to where I wanna be but im headed in the right direction.’        

White was shot while on campus at Winston-Salem State University. He was in his sophomore year.



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2 thoughts on “Teen’s Twitter Posts Before He Was Killed on University Campus Are Heartbreaking 

  1. childofthesixties

    Why? May this child rest in peace. Why are our brightest and best killing each other? Sad to say but we can’t complain about the White man and how he treats us until we learn how to respect and treat each other with dignity! These young people have no idea that they are falling right into the bigots hands, for they are doing their work for them!


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