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TX Teen Wins Prestigious Chinese Language Award

A North Dallas teenager is so proficient in speaking Chinese that he’s been  awarded a prize.

Avery Pearson, 15, showed off his Chinese fluency during an interview with FOX 4.

“My school is a school in Dallas, it’s hot, it’s an all boys school, and I’ve been here since first through twelfth grade,” Pearson said, describing his school in Chinese.

The teen admits to being intimidated by the foreign language at first, but then says he noticed several similarities with English.

“There’s same pronunciation, different meaning… same character, different meaning. There are no plurals in Chinese,” he said.

The 10th grader says the challenges presented in learning Chinese “excite” him.

During Pearson’s 14-day trip to China, he won an award at a Chinese speaking competition.

The teen also admitted that he’s proud of himself and the people who helped him along the way.

“I’m trying to be humble, but yeah, I’m proud of myself and I’m glad I made it that far and really grateful for the people that got me there,” he said.

Scott Gonzalez, the interim head for the Upper School at St. Marks, told the station that the trip was also about expanding cultural boundaries for students.


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