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8 Year Old Collects Dolls For Needy Kids, Even Organizes Fundraising Brunch 

By Robert Stitt

In an age when consumerism, greed, selfishness, and self-centered lifestyles are prevalent, it is nice to see an example of someone marching the other way, especially during the Christmas season. This time of year used to be about cheer, goodwill, and celebrating the birth of Christ. It has become all about receiving gifts, shopping, partying, stress, loneliness, and depression. What a gift when a young person does not just choose to make a difference, but does something from the heart.

Josilyn Martin-Richardson lives in Chicago. She is eight-years-old. One day, her grandmother took her to the park and she started playing with a young girl who did not own a Barbie doll. This not only shocked Josilyn, but bothered her. In her mind, every little girl deserved to have a Barbie. When she got home, she asked her mother if she could run a collection project to amass enough Barbies to give to those girls who may not have them. Her mother thought it was a wonderful idea.

With the help of her mother, father, the Velvet Lounge in Chicago, and Teen Noir magazine, a brunch was organized to collect the dolls. According to, “It was a beautiful sight to see so many other children get involved because of Josilyn’s vision. To date, Josilyn has collected nearly 600 Barbies.” She wants to reach the 1,000 Barbie mark before Christmas.

All of the dolls will be donated to “a collection of organizations, including: LaRabida Children’s Hospital, Lowden Homes, Trumbull Park of CHA, Ada S, McKinley Youth Services and children in Englewood via University Church in Chicago.”

Thank you, Josilyn for your wonderful heart and great example.

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