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Black Students Call Out Univ. of CA for Profiting from Imprisoning Black Youth 

By Robert Stitt

Everybody knows one of the major pathways to prison is poor education. Those who have a lack of education are exponentially more likely to end up in prison than those who are highly educated. This is even more true if you are an uneducated black male. For years, the government, media, even Hollywood has been calling for an increase in educational programs aimed at helping black youth get out of poverty and into college in order to break the cycle of poverty.

Apparently, several University of California universities have been playing for both teams. It seems that the universities are happy to take the money from black students who qualify to get in and become students. And what of those that did end up in prison, instead?

According to the Black Student Unions of nine undergraduate University of California campuses, the UC system has been investing its money in private prisons to make money off of the black youth that end up there, as well. They have filed a petition that demands the universities divest from these private prisons and asks for a ban on any future investments. They are also calling for a UC divestiture from Wells Fargo who receives profits from the prisons. The UC system is said to have nearly $23 million invested in private prisons.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, the Afrikan Black Coalition said, “If we truly believe that #BlackLivesMatter from the hood to the academy, we must stand with our brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins and extended family members who are currently incarcerated or are at a higher risk of incarceration because of their very Blackness.”

The students spoke out after a report from the Office of the Inspector General of California, High Desert State Prison in Susanville, California, was released and detailed a number of failures at the prison. Among the “culture of indifference” among the guards, and an acceptance of gang activity within the prison walls, there is also a “culture of racism” that is pervasive in the prisons.

The guards are said to use the “N” word without even thinking about it. The black inmates were deprived of equal access to food and canteen privileges. The report noted that the blacks were the last to enter the dining area and the first to be sent out. They were the last to enter the canteen and sometimes it would be closed prior to their “turn” so they could not make purchases.

The guards were reported as being racist to other guards as well. “The white staff were very racist and bigoted, not just toward inmates but also toward officers that were of a different race.”

The prisons are a money-making business, but the money is being made off of the mistreatment of black inmates. The students are asking that the universities make the decision to stop making money in this way. The Atlanta Black Star sums up the students’ plea like this, “We must ask how this country can continue to point its finger at other nations for their human rights violations and inhumane practices when America wrote the book on exploitation of Black people for profit.”


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4 thoughts on “Black Students Call Out Univ. of CA for Profiting from Imprisoning Black Youth 

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  2. Steve Stinson

    I must have missed the point of this article? Is the complaint that the University is in investing prisons in their investment portfolio? Surely they are saying that the California college system is set up to profit or send black males to prison?
    No one with a college education would think that those that are convicted of crimes aren’t responsible for their own behavior? For some reason is the college system responsible for the behavior of the guards at a prison?
    How is making a good investment playing for both teams? This is the entitled ghetto logic that has made this community so successful-wih 80 % of the births to single mothers, 70 % of black women have children by different fathers, high school drop out rates at 45%, graduating from high school with 8th grade reading and writing skills, lowest SAT test scores 350points less than the national average- because physics and math arent color blind?

  3. Michael

    It’s a shame that America sends young black men and women all over the world to defend people’s human rights but when they get back home and take off their uniforms they are treated far more inhumane than people they were sent to defend. Something is very wrong. When is the world going to start condemning America?


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